Amy Schumer, Thank You.

I remember when I first saw this photo thinking I wish I knew @amyschumer to say thank you. Finally someone was showing woman how to be proud of their bodies no matter they look like. “” ❤️ I always joked I could be the Kate Moss of the Rubens Era with my body shape and rolls. I have spent most of my life fighting my weight, being self-critical about my body and trying everything and anything to change the way my body looks. It is a fight I still fight, but one I am working to change. I am sick of feeling ashamed of my body. So I have decided ENOUGH! I have decided to Work on being kinder to myself and not depriving myself. I will try to find balance. I will find self-love and kindness for myself. I will focus on feeling healthy and not a number on a scale. ❤️ I know I am not alone, this is a fight most woman have regardless of their size. I’ve had friends size 2 complain to me about their bodies, and if not about their weight then about their looks or their hair or their height or something else. I am not sure I have ever met a woman who has not struggled with this in some way or felt shame over their looks. ❤️ So, this morning I just want to say thank you to @amyschumer for reminding me to love myself regardless of the rolls on my stomach or if my jeans feel a little tight. And thank you @whitneyzombie for reminding me that this photo of the left of Aphrodite who is associated with beauty and pleasure and looks a lot like my body, and Amy’s body and a lot of woman’s bodies. So here is to continuing to work to embrace my body and loving it, rolls and all. It is a process and I am trying to stay with it. Hope you can do the same. 😊