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Dear Social Media,

Dear Social Media - This has been a long time in the making. I tried, for a few months at the end of 2018, I really tried to be in a more committed relationship with you and it just was too much for me. I became obsessed. I stalked you. My moods all of a sudden were dependent on your “likes” of me and people wanting to follow me. ✨ I do not want to completely break up with you, but I do need to redefine our relationship. I think you have a lot of wonderful qualities and you have taught me so much about myself. I learned so much from others that use you to share their thoughts. I have kept up with friends and I have been able to voice my feelings and thoughts. But, you also have caused me frustration, diverted my attention from what really matters to me and caused me to spend hours sucked into a void of my face staring at a screen rather then being present in my life. ✨ I know I am a small relationship in your vast network, but that is the crazy thing about your power, you can make people with a mere 300 followers fall captive to you. I tried to play your games and gain more followers, and of course I hope more people find me and connect to my words, but I cannot post everyday and play your games that don’t feel authentic to me. ✨ So I say thank you. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me and thank you for allowing me to redefine our relationship and still being there for me. I am excited for what lies ahead for us. I think this is now the start of a beautiful and balanced relationship. 💜


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