I am rarely at a loss for words. In fact, many of my friends make fun of me because I wear my thoughts and my emotions on my face and I can't be inauthentic with my words. However, I find myself at a loss for words about the tragedy that happened in Pittsburgh this weekend-- about all the tragedies that keep happening. How can I explain this insanity to my kids when I cannot understand it myself? . My heart goes out to the people of Pittsburgh. This could have easily been my Grandfather, who when he was alive spent his Saturdays at his synagogue. This could have easily been my family who spends Sundays at Sunday School. And it is not just Pittsburgh. We have entered an age of insanity. Our kids don’t just have earthquake and fire drills, but lock down drills for school shooters. My 2nd grader is having to learn what to do incase of a school shooting. His biggest worry should be, is he going to play football or basketball at recess?, not where to hide if some lunatic decides to start shooting up his school. . I know there are many people, smarter than I am, who can tell us how to talk to our kids and ourselves about all that is transpiring in our world. And while it is a wonderful reminder to live each day as a gift because nothing is guaranteed and we cannot predict our future, my heart is heavy still this m

orning. Sending love to all who mourn…💔