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“Stephanie has the magic touch. Through her breathwork classes, she offers gentle guidance that helps me release blocked energy so I feel free, like my real self. Her ability to draw upon meditation and Reiki really takes her instruction to the next level. But what I love most is that she always knows how to zero in on what I need most as a busy mom. I never leave without a renewed sense of purpose.”


- Sarah

“I recently had a private breathwork session with Stephanie and the words that come to mind that best describe this experience are FREEING and with that came an immeasurable amount of HEALING. Stephanie’s energy and presence made me feel safe and supported, while her voice is calming as she guided me in my breathing and in my healing. I left my appointment feeling I had shed years of pain and felt a new energy and lightness come to life. I am so grateful for my time with Stephanie and truly feel she has a gift as a healer. I look forward to more sessions and seeing what else emerges and blooms in my life with her guidance.”


- Jenn

“I’ve taken several breathwork meditation classes in Los Angeles, but taking Stephanie’s was a whole different level of feel good. Her warm voice, nurturing energy along with her special touch of Reiki was so sincere and magical that I truly felt transformation. Thank you, Stephanie!”


- Farah

“I am so impressed with Stephanie Carson. My meditation experience has mostly been 10 minutes here and there from an app when I remember and can squeeze it in. These meditations are helpful and useful, but they can’t compare to the experience of having a personal connection and individualized meditation. Meeting with Stephanie in her beautiful studio is immediately relaxing – there’s a wonderful energy both to her and the space where she works that makes her approachable and the meditation accessible. Our session began with some questions about me and what I was hoping to gain from the meditation. We began with a meditation focusing on the breath, which immediately relaxed and centered me. She then gave me a personalized mantra to help me manage some of the chronic pain issues I suffer from due to an illness; finally she concluded with images of love and gratitude and joy and setting an intention. When she told me we had meditated for 25 minutes, I couldn’t believe it! It was my longest meditation and I felt like I could have kept going. I left feeling refreshed, centered, energized and excited for the rest of my day! I give her my highest recommendation and encourage everyone to take the time to take care of themselves by going to get some Soul Sanity!”


- Julie

Stephanie has such a nurturing energy that immediately makes you feel safe to be guided into a relaxed & open space. Her meditations are a mix of clear instructions and motherly warmth. She understands life’s chaos, and teaches you how to find calm among that. Her practices are truly healing. She is a meditation teacher you can trust and is one of my all time favourites!

- Jewelia

My first class with Stephanie got gifted to me by my dearest friend who said everyone needed to have a session with this woman. A few years and many breathwork sessions later, and I can, with absolute awe and wonderment, reflect that sentiment. Being in Stephanie's energy field and space holding has opened me up to integrate memories from the past, connect to the present with confidence, and have soul tingles of excitement for my future. I have received endless epiphanies and profoundly pivotal downloads while working with Stephanie. Her intuition is unparalleled and her power is palpable. I am so grateful for all that has been unearthed in these sessions and I know that they will continue to be an integral part of my spiritual journey towards ecstatic, original wholeness. 

Love love love,

The first time I met Stephanie I had no idea what Breathwork was; I thought it was deep breathing. Little did I know what a magical journey I was embarking on. I left the session in tears and chills; a release of energy I had never experienced. Stephanie has served me as a teacher, mentor, healer, and guide. Words can not express the deep gratitude I have for her. I have attended her classes and work privately with her weekly. I feel loved and supported through the many obstacles I have processed. She is a true healer and source of light.

As a mental health professional, I find Stephanie’s form of healing and Breathwork a complement to talk therapy.

- Sharon

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