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Think of me as your meditation concierge. Each session is customized for your needs and goals. I work with you in a safe and confidential environment to figure out how meditation can best serve you, designing a session and a home practice that fits your life. I will take you on a journey using any combination of styles including guided, mindfulness, and mantra meditations with the goal of connecting you to yourself, your heart and soul while helping you feel relaxed, less stressed and more grounded. You will leave feeling ready to take on whatever may come your way.


My customized private sessions offer a safe and comfortable experience to explore breathwork where there is no fear of judgement, feeling overwhelmed in a public class, or concern about letting go and allowing your body to lead the way. You can shed the musts, shoulds, and any external expectations or limiting beliefs knowing it is just you and me. You’re completely free to just be.


Together, we set an intention for your session and begin with a short meditation to ground your body and connect you to the present moment. We then move to the breathing technique that will generate the heat and energy needed in your body to help you release and open up. I will guide you while you are breathing, holding space for you and providing whatever support you may need. I will also help you move any stuck energy or emotions by performing Reiki. 


My goal is to always create a bespoke session where you can disconnect and de-stress at your own pace, allowing you to discover things about yourself and release things that no longer serve you. It’s cathartic, exhilarating and freeing. 


In my sessions, I use Reiki together with other mindful modalities to help clients unlock and move stuck energy in their body during their meditation or breathwork session. Combined with the meditation and / or breathwork this energy work will leave you feeling cleared and relaxed.

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