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If you ask my kids to describe me today, they’d tell you that I’m “Meditation Mommy,” and without skipping a beat they’d add “a much better Mom.” And, I have to admit, I agree.

After years as a Fortune 500 marketing executive, I took on the title of “Head Air-Traffic Controller” for my family. You can imagine what a typical day might look like with a Type-A, East Coast Mom raising three children in Los Angeles. 


As life continued to move at a rapid pace, I silently yearned to feel more grounded and less temperamental amidst the flurry of activity. Thankfully the universe has a way of helping us find our way even when we don’t know how to get there—and when we least expect it. 

When I came home sick from a family vacation, my body gave me a wake-up call that it was time to make some changes. Looking to feel normal again, I turned to breathwork and meditation at the suggestion of a trusted friend. What did I have to lose?  From my very first session, my energy shifted in a profound way and I felt restored. One day my teacher suggested this work might be my "calling" and, while most of me rebelled stubbornly and wanted to call him crazy, a small voice inside whispered "yes."

As I deepened my practice, I found myself approaching the same daily routines (and pressures) with a fresh perspective. The positive changes I experienced rippled through all aspects of my life and my family’s, too. Yes, I’m still an on-the-go multitasker at heart, but our house is calmer, with less stress and anxiety. I feel brighter and more connected. And I’ve found a freedom that allows me to discover myself in an entirely new way. It helps me release emotions and energy buried inside. It inspires me to live in the present. It empowers me to evolve and continue to work on who I want to be.

Inspired to share these tools for uncovering one’s own bliss with others, I finally followed the signs to become a Meditation, Breathwork, and Reiki Practitioner. I received my Meditation Teaching Certificate from davidji/Unplug Meditation, while earning my levels 1– 4 Breathwork Certificate from David Elliott. I am a certified Intuitive Healer and and completed my Reiki training Levels 1 and 2. 


Whether a business leader in a high-pressure job, a parent managing the constant juggle, or someone seeking spiritual refuge from our busy world, my philosophy is to make meditation easy and accessible for clients. I draw upon my real-life experience and specialized blend of training to create a bespoke practice for each person’s present needs and lifestyle. It’s my honor to hold space in such a way that both guides them beyond their comfort zone and nurtures them along their journey. My unique yin (soft, feminine, loving) and yang (strong, directive, clear-seeing) approach truly allows clients to let go and reconnect with their best selves.

I believe anyone at any age can learn to meditate. You don’t have to sit in lotus, become vegan, or trade your beloved things to see a difference. It only takes minutes, not hours, each day. And if I can do it, so can you. You deserve to feel the benefits of meditation, breathwork (or both!), and the first step is starting.

Welcome to Soul Sanity, I am happy you are here. Take a deep breath and let’s begin.

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