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"That Was Easy"

THERE IS NO EASY BUTTON ... This past week I found myself listening to a ton of @glennondoyle podcasts. One that stood out was about facing our pain, not running from it, but running towards it and that there is no easy button.It doesn’t exist. ✨ We live in a society where so many are looking for the easy way out. A pill that will numb the pain or make it go away. Someone else to do the hard work for them so they can just ride the coat tails or have someone just tell them what to do to escape the hard work themselves. We look for escapes, for excuses, for any way to avoid doing the hard work ourselves. 🌟 THERE IS NO EASY BUTTON. Even if someone comes in to save you and does the work for you is that really serving you or saving you? Are you changing if someone else does the work for you. Are you changing if you are just ignoring or numbing the pain. Numbing the pain, escape, excuses, they just keep us stuck, keep us small, keep us from stepping up and into the best version of ourselves. ✨ That’s why I love BREATHWORK. Through this practice you step into feelings. You connect with your heart, with your soul, with the part of you many of us hide. Breathwork takes you to that place of transformation and helps you to clear the pain and to connect. It is the opposite of escape, the opposite of an excuse, the opposite of avoidance. It is called BreathWORK for a reason. It is work, but it is the most transformative, beautiful, amazing and life saving thing I, and many others, have ever done. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Come see for yourselves. Tuesdays @ noon @unplugmeditation in Santa Monica or DM me for information on private sessions both In person OR remotely over the ☎️ phone/video. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Stop looking for the easy button, it does not exist. Step up, step into yourself and see the beauty that awaits you 💜✨


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