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The Authentic Self

Are you hiding your authentic self? Do you even know your true authentic self? I realized recently that I have been hiding. Not just to others, but to myself. 💜 Some hide their true self to stay in a romantic relationship, some to stay in a friendship, some to protect themselves - fearful of what may change / happen if their true self stepped forward. Some are taught to hide their true self. Told they have to for cultural reasons, religious reasons, to fit into society or to be successful in their careers. Some have other reasons to hide their authentic self, but I started to question - what is the cost we pay in order to “fit in.” To be accepted by certain people. To be loved. 💜 We all have reasons for acting the way we do. But is hiding the real you serving you? Are you happy? If not, step into the light. Let your authentic beautiful you shine. There are lot of people who are waiting to meet the true you. I know I am 💖


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