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The Soul's Companion

I was just flipping through a book I read each morning (The Soul’s Companion) and randomly landed on this page. It completely aligned with what I needed to hear today. Clearly I was meant to connect with this message today. ❤️Maybe you are too! 🦋 “Today I will try to get out of my own way and allow the deeper pulse of life and love and spiritual energy to flow through me. 🦋I often attempt to rid my personality of what I perceive to be undesirable aspects, to get them out of me once and for all. 🦋But today I wonder if rather than get rid of part of myself, perhaps I need to learn to work with these troublesome areas and reintegrate them in a new way. It need not be my goal today to get rid of pieces of myself I dislike, but instead to work with them and transform them into something better through attention, care, self honesty and self-forgiveness. 🦋I get more done with a loving and caring attitude towards others - why not try to be loving and caring with myself?” - ❤️The Souls Companion by Tian Dayton PHD


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