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Why I Meditate

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Years ago, @suzeyalofschwartz told me she was going to do the Oprah Winfrey / Deepak Chopra 21 day Meditation Challenge. I had been wanting to jump-start a meditation practice so I told her I would do it with her. I lasted I think 1 week and Suze turned it into @unplugmeditation.

One of my many mentors in the incredible Amy Budden @connectthemind. Working with Amy I was able to I deepened my practice, I found myself approaching the same daily routines (and pressures) with a fresh perspective. The positive changes I experienced rippled through all aspects of my life and my family’s, too. Yes, I’m still an on-the-go multitasker at heart, but our house is calmer, with less stress and anxiety. I feel brighter and more connected. And I’ve found a freedom that allows me to discover myself in an entirely new way. It helps me release emotions and energy buried inside. It inspires me to live in the present. It empowers me to evolve and continue to work on who I want to be.

Whereas I did not make the 21 Day Challenge, it did spark my curiosity about meditation and started me on my journey as a crisis meditator. My entire life I suffered from anxiety, depression, and stress. As a Type-A, multi-tasking mom of three living on the Westside of Los Angeles I found myself desperately searching for something that helps me feel calm, that would help me stop the constant spiral of stress and helps me to enjoy the present moment.

Working with clients both privately and in classes, my goal is to help them discover their own bliss and best version of themselves. I love clients who tell me they can’t meditate. I believe anyone at any age can being to meditate or deepen their practice.


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